The princess and the car door


So, this week Meghan became international news when she closed her own car door.

Reports of the event sparked four major rants opinions.

The first one was incensed by the breach in protocol committed by the newcomer, which was countered by the second, who saw in it proof she didn’t get stuck up, which was used as proof by the third, of it being a calculated act to garner exactly that response, and the fourth, but this is ever present, proof of how emptyheaded people are, for turning a car door into an event just because it involves royalty.

I think something else entirely happened. I think Meghan closed the door because someone else didn’t. I am not being flippant. She closed the car door because it was her only way out, the man greeting her never having budged.

Here we have the car arriving, the security guard opening the door, and the man behind waiting to receive the visitor.
Here we see them saying hello. The security guard stepped back, maybe to avoid spoiling the shots.
She turns to go, but he doesn’t budge. As she turns, she notices the open door. Also, she has nowhere else to go, except through the space blocked by the door. He is firmly planted in that spot.
She closes the door, and he still hasn’t moved. If she hadn’t closed it, some say they would still be there shaking hands to this day.

The stills were taken from a BBC video, found at